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*the girl
-i'm cami. student graduate of the university of manchester. studying for a phd.
-i am sarcastic. my sense of humour is dry.
-i am mad about a boy.
-i'm half-french. i don't like it a lot, but it gets people talking. don't ask me to say something in french. i hate it.
-i am short. i am 5'2". i wear flat shoes.
-i can normally be found: eating; sleeping; doing a facepack elf dance; with a drink in my hand; laughing; sulking; in a short skirt; with makeup on.
-i like: vodka, tea, unfeasibly short skirts, ducks, kieran, kieran wearing a black shirt, geek jokes, hobnobs with chocolate on, dinosaurs, sock puppets, writing unlove letters, my mac, shoes, gigs, mascara, the libertines, manchester.
-i don't like: spiders, wasps, vomit, fat sweaty men with beards, people who love themselves, footless tights (for fuck's sake), indie wannabes, scenekids, people who don't understand lj-cut, tequila, people spilling beer on me, hangovers, being moody.